Full 3-Month Program Online TOEFL Course


  • Real-time Online Classes
  • 2 Classes per week (1 1/2 hours each)
  • Live Instructor
  • All Four Sections of TOEFL:
  • Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing
  • Timely, Ongoing Feedback
  • WhatsApp Learning Community


About the TOEFL Course

The Online TOEFL Course is a test preparation program that last 3 months. It is taught in real-time by an experienced TOEFL Instructor. Classes are in session twice a week, for 1 1/2 hours per class. The course offers plentiful calibrated pracitce, question strategies, practice and coaching through the application of those strategies, lots of instructor and classmate feedback and participation in a TOEFL WhatsApp learning community that includes the instructor for questions, comments, and further discussion.


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